This online catalog is a compilation of educational products designed for use in informal education settings to engage the public in nano science, engineering, and technology.


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The catalog features a variety of educational programs and activities, media, exhibits, evaluation reports, and tools and guides for professional educators.

Nano mini-exhibition Audio Description

The audio description (AD) that accompanies the Nano exhibition was developed to increase access for visitors with low or no vision. It may also be able to support visitors with learning...

Nano School Box

The NanoSchoolBox is a classroom kit which contains 14 experiments that help you understand the effects of nanotechnology.

Australian TechNyou high school curriculum (AccessNano)

TechNyou provides teachers with ready-to-use teaching modules designed to fit Australian curricula for middle and high school.


A repository for teaching materials managed by the National Center for Learning and Teaching (NCLT) focusing on nanoscale science and engineering education (NSEE).


Classroom presentation slideshows, laboratories, and multimedia developed by Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK Center) at the Penn State College of Engineering

The Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science and Engineering: A Guidebook for Secondary Teachers

By: Shawn Y. Stevens, LeeAnn M. Sutherland, and Joseph S. Krajcik
NSTA Press Book, 2009
ISBN 978-1-93515-507-2
Member Price: $22.36, Nonmember Price: $27.95
Grade Level:...

The Electric Squeeze

This cart demo is about piezoelectricity - how some crystals produce electricity when you squeeze them. Visitors learn about the history of piezoelectricity, how it's used, and how it's...


This cart demonstration introduces the nanomaterial aerogel, a glass nanofoam. Visitors learn how aerogel is made, how well it insulates, and learn about its other unique properties. They see real...

Wheel of the Future

Museum visitors are contestants in a game show that encourages them to learn more about nanotechnology. The three rounds included here cover an introduction to nanotechnology; provide information...

Surface Area - Cart demo

This is a cart demo about how nanoparticles behave differently, in part because they have a high surface area:volume ratio. Visitors learn that smaller particles have a much higher proportion of...

Balloon Nanotubes (giant hanging model)

“Nanotube Balloons” is a large display made of balloons that can be used to draw visitors to a program on nanotechnology. Visitors observe how the carbon atoms are arranged in a carbon nanotube....

Biobarcodes: Antibodies and nanosensors

This cart demo is about Biobarcodes, a nanomedical technology that allows for massively parallel testing for disease diagnosis. Visitors learn about antibodies, how each antibody binds to a...


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