zinc oxide

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Scientific Image - Zinc Oxide Nanowires

This is a scanning electron microscope image of vertical arrays of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires on a sapphire substrate.

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is an ideal material for nanoscale optoelectronics, electronics, and biotechnology applications. Numerous ZnO-based devices have already been developed, including nanowire field effect transistors, piezoelectric nanogenerators, optically pumped nanolasers, and biosensors.

• SIZE: The sample displayed in the image is about 10 µm wide.

• IMAGING TOOL: Scanning electron microscope


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Scientific Image - Zinc Oxide Nanowire Photodetector

This scanning electron microscope image shows a zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowire photodetector device grown by photolithography.

Nanowires geometry and structure make them both sensitive to light and efficient low-noise signaling devices, so they are ideally suited for applications involving light—such as detection, imaging, information storage, and intrachip optical communications. In addition, different types of nanowires can be combined to create devices sensitive to different wavelengths of light. Zinc oxide's (ZnO) electrical, optoelectronic, and photochemical properties have led to...


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Exploring Products - Sunblock (NanoDays 2011 and 2012)

"Exploring Products - Sunblock" is a hands-on activity comparing sunblock containing nanoparticles to ointment. Visitors learn how some sunblocks that rub in clear contain nanoparticles that block harmful rays from the sun.

"Explore Science - Zoom info Nano Invisible Sunblock" (2016) version designed for groups and community outreach.


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