touring exhibition

Zoom into Nano

Zoom into Nano (formerly "Too Small to See") is a traveling exhibition on nanotechnology owned, toured and managed by the Sciencenter. This 5,000 sq. ft. exhibition focuses on how scientists see and make things that are too small to see.

It's a Nano World

It's a Nano World is a traveling 3,000 square feet exhibition developed and toured by the Sciencenter. It's a Nano World introduces children and their families to the biological wonders of the nano world and is designed for 5-8 year olds and their families.

Strange Matter

Strange Matter is a traveling exhibition developed by the Ontario Science Center and presented by the Materials Research Society with the support of the National Science Foundation. Over a dozen hands-on experiences and exhibits give you a close encounter with the amazing world of modern materials and materials science. Two versions of the exhibition are available to tour, 6,000 square foot and 1,500 - 2,000 square foot.

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