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Exploring Forces - Gravity

"Exploring Forces - Gravity" is a hands on activity in which visitors discover that it’s easy to pour water out of a regular-sized cup, but not out of a miniature cup. They learn that size can affect the way materials like water behave.

"Explore Science - Zoom into Nano version Gravity Fail" (2016) version designed for groups and community outreach.


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Tiny Tech Radio Series

Step into the world of nanotechnology with Tiny Tech. Tiny Tech is a series of short radio episodes focusing on the science and engineering of the very small. Each episode presents an aspect of nanoscale objects, ranging from the effects of size on chemical and physical properties to new technological applications in fields as diverse as electronic devices and medicine.

Tiny Tech is a production of WUFT and the Center for Nanostructured Electronic Materials (CNEM), a National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation. Modules are written by CNEM faculty and students, who...


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