Is That Robot Real? children's book and poster

What is a robot, and how small can robots be? Are there robots the size of a hand? How about the size of a strand of hair? Can a robot be as tiny as a single molecule? Learn what makes a robot a robot, then step down in size and find out which robots are real and which are science fiction. This children's book is available in hardcover, softcover and digital download via www.lulu.com and www.amazon.com. See Resources tab for links.

Alice In NanoLand

What is Nanoland, and what kinds of curious things will Alice find there? Follow Alice down the rabbit hole into a land smaller than small, where crazy nano pants and cabbage abound! Based on Lewis Carroll's beloved classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this exciting romp explores the nano in nature and how phenomena at the very small scale affect our very big world.

Alice in Nanoland 2010 Formative Evaluation

The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Theater Department developed the book and storytelling play “Alice in Nanoland” for younger museum audiences. The age range for the story were 4-7 year olds, as the actors stated, “This program is best suited for 7 year olds and younger.” Through the spring and summer of 2010, the actors have performed the show on the museum’s floor for formative evaluation testing.

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