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Team-Based Inquiry Guide

Team-based inquiry (TBI) is a practical approach to empowering education professionals to get the data they need, when they need it, to improve their products and practices and, ultimately, more effectively engage public and professional audiences.

The TBI process involves an ongoing cycle of inquiry: question, investigate, reflect, and improve.

This guide explains each step of the TBI process and features ways TBI has been used in the NISE Network to improve educational experiences and professional practice.

Nano and Society Training Materials

Staff training materials for Nano & Society workshop. The workshop focused on preparing museum educators to engage the public in conversations about the relationship between nanotechnology and society. Workshop participants learned new hands-on activities, full-length programs, and ideas for facilitating visitor experiences in the Nano mini-exhibition. The workshop provided specific training and skill-building in nano and society content, conversation facilitation, and improving and learning from professional practice (Team Based Inquiry).

Online Brown-Bag: Team-Based Inquiry Stories - NISE Network Partners Share What Works (and What Doesn't!) (Recorded)

Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) is an approach to empowering professionals to get the data they need, when they need it, in order to improve their products and practices and create successful educational experiences. This year, 20 individuals from 10 NISE Network partner institutions participated in a focused professional development cohort where they learned the TBI process and tried it out in their own institutions. How did it go, you ask? Did they actually get a team together, and did they actually study a project? They did!

Online Brown-Bag: Universal Design of Programs Workshop Follow-Up (Recorded)

This is a recording of a NISE Network online brown-bag conversation held in 2013. This brown-bag conversation is a follow-up for those who participated in the Universal Design workshop held in July of 2013. Participants will explore what some institutions have done to make their educational programs more universally designed, and have a chance to discuss lessons learned as they implement universal design in their own institution.

Presented by: Anna Lindgren-Streicher of the Museum of Science, Boston and Scott Pattison of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

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