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Three Drops

Three Drops is a full body immersive simulation that allows visitors to interact with water at three size scales using their shadows. At each scale, different physical forces can be observed. At the macro (human) scale, where gravity is the noticeable force, visitors are showered with water drops from a simulated shower. At the microscale--one thousand times smaller--where surface tension becomes more apparent, visitors play with a beach-ball sized water drop. At the nanoscale--one billion times smaller and time slowed by a factor of one trillion--where electromagnetic forces can be...


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Three Drops 2008 Formative Evaluation

A formative evaluation was conducted on Three Drops, an Immersive Digital Interactive (IDI), that allows visitors to interact with simulations of water at different size scales where different physical forces dominate. This evaluation revisits the exhibit after changes were made to address issues identified in the first series of formatives.


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