The Electric Squeeze

This cart demo is about piezoelectricity - how some crystals produce electricity when you squeeze them. Visitors learn about the history of piezoelectricity, how it's used, and how it's applied in nanotechnology. They make electric sparks, handle models and listen to cheesy music.

Online Brown-Bag: The Science Behind NanoDays 2014 - Part 2 (Recorded)

This is a recording of a NISE Network online brown-bag conversation held in 2014, which focuses on the applications and scientific background behind the following NanoDays 2014 kit activities: • Exploring Properties - Electric Squeeze • Exploring Properties - Capillary Action Presented by: Lizzie Hager-Barnard of the Lawrence Hall of Science For more information, and for a link to the recording, please see the Resources section of this page.

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