European Union - Nanotechnologies: Principles, Applications, Implications and Hands-on Activities A compendium for educators

This compendium aims to address this challenge: as a matter of fact, it stems from the EC project NANOYOU, and it has been enriched by the authors with numerous and multifaceted inputs, reflections and insights on societal issues, also provided by the European project TimeforNano. So it represents a valuable tool to support the educational communities on nanosciences and nanotechnologies.

Experiment with Superhydrophobic Materials

"Experiment with Superhydrophobic Materials" is a hands-on activity that tests highly water repellent materials. In this experiment the degree of hydrophobicity is measured and explained. The tested materials are highly water repellent thanks to their surface nano-engineering. The materials have been developed using nature as an inspiration, since some plant leaves have exceptional properties due to their surface composition. The activity includes an educator guide, PowerPoint, laboratory worksheet and background information.

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