Magic Sand / Nanosurfaces

“Magic Sand” is a cart demo that demonstrates how changing nanoscale changes in a material can affect how that material behaves at the macroscale. Visitors learn that hydrophobic surfaces repel water and that “magic” sand repels water because of a nanoscale hydrophobic coating on the grains of sand. During the program, compare how magic sand and regular sand interact with water.

Macro Micro Nano powerpoint presentation slides

This program demonstrates the importance of scale (macro vs. micro vs. nano) and surface features in materials science and nanotechnology. Visitors will examine three different slides macroscopically (with their eyes) and microscopically (with a microscope). Each of the three slides has different size particles on its surface: macro, micro, and nano. The visitors predict how a drop of water will behave on each surface and then test their prediction.

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