Online Brown-Bag: The Science Behind NanoDays 2014 - Part 2 (Recorded)

This is a recording of a NISE Network online brown-bag conversation held in 2014, which focuses on the applications and scientific background behind the following NanoDays 2014 kit activities:

• Exploring Properties - Electric Squeeze
• Exploring Properties - Capillary Action

Presented by: Lizzie Hager-Barnard of the Lawrence Hall of Science

For more information, and for a link to the recording, please see the Resources section of this page.

Nano Museum Labels (Graphic Signs) (NanoDays 2013)

This series of museum labels are designed for general use in your museum or institution to highlight existing connections to nanoscale science, engineering, or technology. NISE Net partners are already coming up with creative ways to use these labels to showcase nano. For example, you can make a scavenger hunt or special tour to encourage visitors to find all the connections! Additional templates (.doc and .indd) are also provided so that you can create your own signage and content.

Nanotechnology Spin-a-Prize! (NanoDays 2013)

"Nanotechnology Spin-a-Prize!" introduces visitors to the basics of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology (“nano”) through a game show format. Visitors learn that nanometer-sized things are small and often behave differently than larger things do, and that work in this emerging field leads to new knowledge and innovations. Visitors also consider the ways that nanotechnology will affect our lives.

Horton Hears a Who! Storytime

In this story time program, visitors actively listen to "Horton Hears a Who!" by Dr. Seuss. Before the story is read, children make paper “elephant ears” to wear. After the story, they use their sense of smell to explore scent molecules that are too small to see. This story time can also be presented in Spanish by using the Spanish-language story book.


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