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Exploring Products - Nano Sand (NanoDays 2011)

"Exploring Products - Nano Sand" is a hands-on activity exploring how water behaves differently when it comes in contact with nano sand and regular sand. Visitors learn about the hydrophobic properties of nano sand.

"Explore Science - Zoom info Nano Mystery Sand" (2016) version designed for groups and community outreach.


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Oil Spill Clean Up Simulation

“Nano sand” is a product that was originally invented to help clean up oil spills in water. Since the “nano sand” is hydrophobic, it does not let water molecules pass through. It does, however, let oil molecules pass through. When oil-contaminated water is exposed to “magic sand”, the oil passes through and leaves clean water behind. And when “magic sand” is sprinkled on top of oil spills, the sand binds with the oil and creates oil- filled sand clumps that fall to the bottom of an ocean or lake. If you use a small amount of oil so that it does not make a full layer and instead forms...


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