NISE Network Guide - Nano Exhibition: Creating a Small-Footprint Exhibition with Big Impact

This guide provides an overview of the Nano exhibition created by the NISE Network. The April 2015 document describes the exhibition and summarizes the unique dissemination model of distributing 93 copies of this small footprint mini-exhibition to locations throughout the United States. The guide content focuses on STEM learning and engagement, best practices in exhibition design, and impacts on museum audiences.

Sustainability Planning Guide

Welcome to the SustainABLE project! These materials will introduce you to the SustainABLE Kit and its contents, and help you begin to plan your sustainability event. The included planning guide offers tips on finding and training collaborators and volunteers, marketing materials and suggestions, as well as a list of additional resources for a successful event. The Design Choices document will guide you through some of the ways to make the event itself a model of sustainability!

Bilingual Design Guide

The NISE Network Bilingual Design Guide presents the variety of interpretive and design strategies the Network has used for different bilingual products, including exhibits, programs, and media. The guide focuses on NISE Net educational products offered in English and Spanish, but the considerations and solutions presented are more generally applicable to bilingual and multilingual museum experiences. The guide is complemented by the Translation Process Guide.

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