Children's Museum of Houston

Getting a Sense of Smell

In this episode of O Wow Moments featuring Mr. O from the Children’s Museum of Houston, we play a little game called "Guess That Smell!" where we explore how our sense of smell works. It turns out that we are nanosensors - our noses actually sense molecules - things close to a billionth of a meter in size! But, as you'll see in this video, be careful about with whom you play the game... Many thanks to the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net) and the National Science Foundation for funding this video.

I Got No Stains on Me

In this episode of O Wow Moments from the Children’s Museum of Houston, Mr. O is up against the supervillain Dr. Blot and his desire to stain everyone! Actually, it's just a fun excuse to examine how nanotechnology and nanoscale science are applied to create clothes that are stain resistant using nature's lotus leaf as inspiration!

Molecular Gastronomy

In this episode of O Wow Moments with Mr. O from the Children's Museum of Houston, we take a look at the fusion of science and cooking - molecular gastronomy. Find out how to make your own ice cream topping that requires a scientist (namely, you) to create it and how it relates to nanotechnology!

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