Surface Area - stage presentation

NISE Network product

This is a large group version of the Surface Area program. In this interactive stage presentation, audience members are measured in nanometers and demonstrate the effectiveness of "nano" silver in killing germs. Other highlights include a fireball that starts and ends the show. Visitors learn that nanoparticles behave differently, in part because they have a high surface area to volume ratio.



Big Idea: 
Nanoparticles have much more surface area than macroparticles, giving them different properties.
Learning Goals: 
  • Nanotechnology is the science of the super-small.
  • Nanomaterials have different properties than the same materials at a larger size.
  • One reason for these different properties is an increase in surface area.
NISE Net Content Map: 
  • Nanometer-sized things are very small, and often behave differently than larger things do.


Developed for the NISE Network with funding from the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers 0532536 and 0940143. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this product are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

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Development Process: 

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