Nanotech and Consumer Products


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Nanotech and Consumer Products
Nanotech and Consumer Products


“Nanotech and Consumer Products” is a public presentation that introduces audiences to the growing role of nanotechnology in making consumer products, and encourages them to consider the potential environmental and health risks. During the presentation, visitors are guided through questions such as: What is nanotechnology, why does it matter, and where is it happening? How are nanomaterials being used in a growing number of consumer products that are available on the market today? What is known about the long-term environmental and health risks of nanotechnology, and how might the increased use of consumer products that are made through nanotechnology affect the environment? What might be done to address potential environmental and health concerns from nanotechnology, given the lack of a formal regulatory structure for consumer products in the United States?


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History and nature of science: 

K-4: Science as a human endeavor
5-8: History of science
5-8: Nature of science
5-8: Science as a human endeavor
9-12: Historical perspectives
9-12: Nature of scientific knowledge
9-12: Science as a human endeavor

Life science: 

K-4: Life cycles of organisms
K-4: Organisms and environments
5-8: Diversity and adaptations of organisms
5-8: Populations and ecosystems
9-12: Biological evolution
9-12: Interdependence of organisms

Physical science: 

K-4: Properties of objects and materials
5-8: Properties and changes of properties in matter
9-12: Chemical reactions
9-12: Structure and properties of matter

Science and Technology: 

K-4: Abilities of technological design
K-4: Abilities to distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans
K-4: Understanding about science and technology
5-8: Abilities of technological design
5-8: Understanding about science and technology
9-12: Abilities of technological design
9-12: Understanding about science and technology

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: 

K-4: Changes in environments
K-4: Personal health
K-4: Science and technology in local challenges
5-8: Personal health
5-8: Populations, resources, and environments
5-8: Risks and benefits
5-8: Science and technology in society
9-12: Environmental quality
9-12: Natural and human-induced hazards
9-12: Personal and community health
9-12: Science and technology in local, national, and global challenges



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