High School Nanotechnology Summer Camp Framework


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High School Nanotechnology Summer Camp Framework


This program describes a weeklong summer camp for high school students. The camp does not assume any previous knowledge of the field and thus is open to students from all backgrounds. It is hands‐on; application based and also gives a broad overview to nanoscience/nanotechnology as a field with many career opportunities. Students are able to gain a comprehensive understanding through activities that introduce them to the unique properties at the nanoscale. Though lab‐tours, discussion groups on societal and ethical implications of nanoscience/nanotechnology and an open‐house at the conclusion of the camp where they present projects to families and friends, students are exposed to a wide variety of experiences.


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History and nature of science: 

9-12: Historical perspectives
9-12: Nature of scientific knowledge
9-12: Science as a human endeavor

Earth and space science: 

9-12: Energy in the earth system
9-12: Geochemical cycles

Life science: 

9-12: Behavior of organisms
9-12: Biological evolution
9-12: Interdependence of organisms
9-12: Matter, energy, and organization in living systems

Physical science: 

9-12: Interactions of energy and matter
9-12: Chemical reactions
9-12: Conservation of energy and increase in disorder
9-12: Motions and forces
9-12: Structure and properties of matter
9-12: Structure of atoms

Science and Technology: 

9-12: Abilities of technological design
9-12: Understanding about science and technology

Science as inquiry: 

9-12: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
9-12: Understanding about scientific inquiry

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: 

9-12: Environmental quality
9-12: Natural and human-induced hazards
9-12: Natural resources
9-12: Personal and community health
9-12: Science and technology in local, national, and global challenges



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