Zapping Tumors with Gold Nanoshells Video


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Zapping Tumors with Gold Nanoshells Video


"Zapping Tumors with Gold Nanoshells" is a 9-minute video that tells the story of two Rice University researchers, physicist Naomi Halas and bioengineer Jennifer West, who came together and hatched an idea that could someday lead to relief for millions of cancer patients. But of course the road from the lab to the cure leads through many twists and turns.... Dr. Halas and Dr. West's experimental cancer therapy is one of several new nanomedicine-based approaches to cancer treatment that is explored in the Nanomedicine Explorer kiosk, website and DVD (also in the NISE Network catalog). The video, website and DVD are available in english and spanish. Contact Strategic Projects at the Museum of Science, Boston for the DVD (


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History and nature of science: 

K-4: Science as a human endeavor
5-8: Science as a human endeavor
9-12: Science as a human endeavor

Life science: 

5-8: Structure and function in living systems

Physical science: 

K-4: Properties of objects and materials
5-8: Properties and changes of properties in matter
9-12: Structure and properties of matter

Science and Technology: 

K-4: Abilities of technological design
5-8: Abilities of technological design
9-12: Abilities of technological design

Science as inquiry: 

K-4: Understanding about scientific inquiry
5-8: Understanding about scientific inquiry
9-12: Understanding about scientific inquiry

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: 

K-4: Personal health
5-8: Personal health
5-8: Science and technology in society
9-12: Personal and community health
9-12: Science and technology in local, national, and global challenges


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