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Nanomedicine Interactive Kiosk 2009 Formative Evaluation

Report date: March, 2009



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General Description: 

The Nanomedicine Explorer kiosk at the Museum of Science, Boston provides opportunities to learn about nanomedicine, nanotechnology, cancer biology, new research in cancer diagnosis and therapy, and the process of medical research from bench to bedside. This report is the formative evaluation of the prototype of this kiosk, presenting the results of visitor observations, exit surveys, and interviews. The findings of these data served to provide the Nanomedicine Explorer production team a basis from which to make improvements to the program, which was released as Version 1.0 in May of 2009.

Major Findings: 

Based on the observations and the responses from the surveys, the three main findings about
the Nanomedicine Explorer kiosk were the following:
1. The visitors were most attracted to the intro animation and games on the Nanomedicine
Explorer, and they spent the most time learning about cancer and the new technologies and playing the games.
2. Visitors found the Nanomedicine Explorer appealing and highly usable.
3. Visitors felt they learned a lot from the Nanomedicine Explorer kiosk especially about the technologies discussed in the exhibit.



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