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Bilingual Forums 2011 Formative Evaluation

Report date: August, 2011



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General Description: 

This report summarizes data collected from focus groups that were conducted with bilingual individuals to gather feedback on the forum materials that NISE Net had translated into Spanish and to learn about Latinos’ perception of the bilingual forum.

Major Findings: 

This bilingual forums evaluation report highlights several key findings derived from participant feedback that those creating or conducting a bilingual forum may wish to consider when planning such an event.

• Participants felt that the Nanomedicine forum would most likely attract individuals with professional backgrounds in medicine, healthcare, and education.

• There was no consensus reached regarding whether to conduct the forum in English, Spanish, or both languages. Participants recommend that the language of the forum should be chosen according to what would best support learning among the attendees. For example, bilingual individuals who were equally comfortable communicating in both English and Spanish would likely prefer to attend the forum in English.

• Participants felt that the language used in the forum materials was too difficult. For example, even though participants were highly educated, some individuals did not know the meaning of “nanotechnology” and “forum.”

• Participants across focus groups were generally confused about the purpose and objectives of the forum. Confusion led to speculation that the “real intent” of the program was to collect information to help companies sell products to this audience type.

• Participants were generally not in favor of the small group discussion format as they felt there was not enough time given to have a meaningful discussion, and that the format could make some attendees feel uncomfortable. In general, participants felt that the forum agenda did not give adequate time to any of the agenda items.

Type of product(s) studied: 

  • Forum


Jane Morgan
Roxana Del Campo
Elizabeth Kunz Kollmann

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