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Treating Tumors with Gold 2009 Formative Evaluation

Report date: February, 2009



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General Description: 

This report evaluates the program entitled “Treating Tumors with Gold” by looking at visitor feedback in an attempt to assess the success with which the presentation was able to educate the public on a particular study using nanotechnology.

Major Findings: 

Based on the responses from the surveys, the four main findings about the “Treating Tumors
with Gold” presentation were the following:

1. Visitors found the content of the presentation appealing and clear, and only a few visitors felt changes might improve the presentation.

2. Visitors reported learning many specific things about gold, infrared light, and blood vessels through the presentation, but often this learning did not exactly match the learning goals of the presentation.

3. Overall, visitors were split as to which presentation technique implementations were the most engaging indicating that it is the way the technique is applied and not the technique itself that is important to engaging visitors.

4. While males and females generally found the presentation technique implementations
equally engaging, females found some of the multimedia presentation technique
implementations significantly more engaging.

Type of product(s) studied: 

  • Program

Method(s) of data collection: 

  • surveys


Elizabeth Kunz Kollmann

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