Research & Evaluation

Nanoscale Education Outreach 2009 Formative Evaluation

Report date: May, 2009



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General Description: 

Nanoscale Education Outreach (NEO) workshop participants were interviewed 6+ months after their attendance to determine the effect of the workshop on the participants' professional capacity and to determine the effect of the participants' involvement in the broader NISE Network. 33 of the 87 total participants were interviewed over several months.

Major Findings: 

Overall, participants were highly enthusiastic about the workshop, the skills they learned, and the benefit to their institutions resulting from participation. Though the connections made at the workshop are valuable, they can be transient, moving with the individual rather than being formalized at the institutional level. The NISE Net annual meetings need be organized in such a way that the participants are clear about their roles and what they have to offer to the wider group.