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Why fund the NISE Net?

Carol Lynn Alpert

A short time ago, I heard from a veteran program officer in one of the NSF science research directorates that she was skeptical about the strategy of apportioning funds from these directorates to fund the NISE Net. Why not give the funds directly to the individual nano research centers to bolster their own education and outreach (E&O) programs? Why set up a whole new Informal Science Education (ISE) infrastructure to do it?

Keeping up with the Nanos

Vrylena Olney
I've been paying more attention lately to bloggers and tweeters (twitterers?) writing and posting about nano topics. Here are a few that I've been enjoying:

    NISE Net is the new grey goo!

    Larry Bell

    “The Network is going to grow. I don’t think you can stop it or control it even if you wanted to.” So said, Cal Tech nano researcher Mamadou Diallo, a member of the NISE Net’s NSF review panel at a meeting about nano education at the University of Southern California on April 27. Didn’t Michael Crichton predict a similar thing in his novel Prey? NISE Net Program Manager Vrylena Olney saw the similarity.