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How did you plan and schedule your NanoDays event?

Beck Tench

For this installment of the NanoDays Blog, I want you to answer the question: How did you plan and schedule your NanoDays event? NanoDays 2009 at Maryland Science CenterNanoDays 2009 at Maryland Science Center Here are some specific questions to help get you thinking.

There's nano in that summer camp! Part 1

Vrylena Olney
Photo by Carl Mydans from the LIFE Photo Archive As I mention in the June Nano Bite newsletter, lots of NISE Net partners are either planning nano-themed summer camps or using nano activities from the NanoDays kit or other sources in their camp programming. I'll be posting examples all this week, here's one of an entirely nano summer camp program:

Can Nanotechnology Save the Planet? Perspectives from INC5

Larry Bell
Some science fiction stories, like Michael Crichton’s novel Prey, portray nanotechnology as leading to developments that can destroy the world, but some of the presenters at this year’s International Nanotechnology Conference for Communication and Collaboration (INC5) told a story that was quite the opposite. The world, or at least humanity, is already on a path toward destruction and nanotechnology may be the only hope to save it.