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Partner Highlight: Imaginarium of South Texas

Aaron Guerrero

The Imaginarium of South Texas in Laredo, TX has been an involved member of the NISE Network since 2008 when they first started hosting NanoDays events. This past year they took their programming to a new level by adopting the “Alice in Nanoland” children's book and making it all their own. 

As a part of a STEM Weeks series that began in 2009, the Imaginarium hosted a Nanotechnology Week in 2011 in conjunction with NanoDays. Other STEM Weeks events have include Science (Earth Science),...


Nano mini-exhibition applications now available

Catherine McCarthy

Nano mini-exhibition logo

​ We are pleased to announce that online applications are now available for NISE Network museum partners to apply for a free copy of the Nano mini-exhibition.  Online applications are due March 1, 2012.


NanoDays 2012 kits awarded

Catherine McCarthy

Regional hub leaders are contacting NanoDays physical kit applicants individually regarding awards.  As always, making decisions was a difficult process with only 225 physical kits to award.  We encourage all those who were not awarded a physical kit to utilize the digital materials in their ongoing education efforts.  The new digital kit will be posted here by January 15th:


Compelling Need for Nano Education

Larry Bell

Day 2 of the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantee Conference in DC on December 6 had a signficant focus on education.  As a discussant following one of the panels, Bob Chang, Director of the Nanotechnology Center for Learning and Teaching, made a compelling presentation on the need for nano education.  He started by citing three of the major global challenges of the next 30 years and continued to the hope that the presence of engineering in the new science education framework, which will guide the development of new standards, will open up opportunities to engage students in ways that...


NanoDays 2012 kit application deadline is December 8th

Catherine McCarthy

The deadline for applying for NanoDays physical kits is Thursday, December 8th!  Similar to past years, we expect to reeive many more applications than kits, and once again this will be a competitive process. If your organization is not awarded a kit, we will have all the materials available online for download.

For more about who is eligible to aply, and how to apply, please visit:


Partner Highlight: Las Cruces Museum of Natural History

Tim Hecox

Located within a public school system where 73% of the students are Hispanic, the Las Cruces Museum of Natural History (LCMNH) in Las Cruces, New Mexico strives to find new and successful ways to reach their vastly diverse and often underserved audiences. In collaboration with Scientifically Connected Communities (SC2) at New Mexico State University, the LCMNH received a NISE Network...


NanoDays Highlights: Nanoscientists Attack!

Vrylena Olney

Looking for ideas for NanoDays 2012? I'll be highlighting some examples of NanoDays activities from the 2011 NanoDays reports in the NISE Net blog over the next few weeks.

A number of partners last year included science theater in their NanoDays offerings, with many adding the 10-minute Attack of the Nanoscientist play to their lineup: