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Evaluation and Research Findings: How does the public make decisions about societal and ethical issues in science? - voting

Eli Bossin

How does the public make decisions about societal and ethical issues (SEI) in science? We’ve been researching past Nanotechnology Forums and the Would You Buy That? program to identify patterns in how the public responds to the facilitation approaches we have used in our SEI programming over the past six years. We will be highlighting results from this research over the next two months in our Featured Finding section.

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Partner Highlight: Very Small Science Creating Very Big Ideas at the Maine Discovery Museum!

Ali Jackson

Since the arrival of the Nano exhibition, the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, ME has been working hard to create a lot more excitement about nano science, engineering, and technology! The Maine Discovery Museum (MDM) is the largest children's museum North of Boston. It has 28,000 square feet of exhibit space and serves about 60,000 visitors a year.

In addition to the NISE Net Nano exhibition, the education and exhibits departments are collaborating to make connections to existing exhibits and activities through the use of graphic molecules and by...


A Guide to Building Partnerships between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers

Karine Thate

How can your institution get resources and funding for sharing current science with your visitors?

Find out with A Guide to Building Partnerships Between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers.  This guide is meant to help you move your science museum beyond event or project-based collaborations with individual researchers toward more robust and sustained partnerships with university centers of...


Thanks to Annual Partner Survey participants!

Catherine McCarthy

Many thanks to all those who shared their opinions and experiences in the Annual Partner Survey in October -November, 2012. The survey is part of our ongoing...


Partner Highlight: A Macro Invasion of the Nano Kind - Summer at the Saint Louis Science Center

Christina Akers

St. Louis Science Center logoThis past summer, the Exploradome at the Saint Louis Science Center was taken over by the science of the small. All summer long, visitors to Amazing Nano Worlds! were immersed in the world of atoms and molecules enlarged 100 million times their actual size. Children, families and adult audiences were all given an opportunity to plunge into hands-on programming, live demonstrations by real...


NanoDays 2013 kit applications - due December 1, 2012

Catherine McCarthy
Apply now for a NanoDays 2013 physical kit! nd

NanoDays 2013 will be held on March 30 through April 7, 2013. NanoDays is a week of community-based educational outreach events to raise public awareness of nanoscale science, technology and engineering throughout the United States. NanoDays kits are currently in production and will be ready for distribution in January 2013. We invite you to fill out an...