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Classroom Nano: Homeschool Workshop

Vrylena Olney
Many of our partners have indicated that they do classroom activities of some type, so I'm going to be highlighting a few examples of partners incorporating nano into classroom programs. image by James Sarmiento

Nano Haiku: Outreach

Vrylena Olney

Another haiku by Mike Falvo of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:

We Struggle to show
The size of a molecule.
Kids wait patiently.

Thanks, Mike!

Working with Researchers

Vrylena Olney

Photo from the NISE Net Annual Meeting by Emily Maletz Graphic Design At the NISE Net Annual Meeting last September, we asked participants about their favorite nano educational experiences. Many talked about how exciting it is when researchers connect with the public. Here are a few examples of favorite experiences:

Partnering Tips

Vrylena Olney
Jayatri Das of the Franklin Institute with a demo about using nano-iron to clean up groundwater, created in partnership with the Penn State Center for Nanoscale Science. Photo by Emily Maletz Graphic Design. Some tips from informal science education people on finding and partnering with researchers: